1. Network (NERCS)

Under a project* sponsored by MoEF&CC at IIT Delhi, a National Network of Experts and Resources for Subsurface Investigations and Remediation of Contaminated Sites (NERCS) has been formed (and updated periodically). The Network connects experts and resource persons having experience and expertise in the areas of :

  • (i) Sources of Subsurface Contamination
  • (iii) Subsurface Investigations at Contaminated sites
  • (ii) Types of Contaminants
  • (iv) Remediation of Contamination Sites

NERCS is a virtual network and is accessible to all.

* Title : "Capacity Building of Academic Institutions (IIT Delhi) to Support Remediation Initiatives"                                  Duration: 2018-2020

2. Joining, Viewing or Modifying NERCS

To join or view NERCS Network or modify existing listing, please click here


MoEF&CC with assistance of the World Bank has implemented a project titled "Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management Project" (CBIPMP). Establishment of NERCS was initiated as an activity under CBIPMP.
To view CBIPMP reports on Contaminated Sites, please click here

4. International Seminar-Cum-Workshop with Concurrent Conference (Geoenvironment - 2020)

Geoenvironment-2020: An international seminar-cum-workshop with concurrent conference and participation of global experts was held on February 17-21, 2020. To view summary/outcome, write-ups, presentations and photographs please click here

5. National Networking Workshop (Geoenvironment-2018)

A workshop of the Experts was held at Delhi on 12th and 13th July 2018. To view the summary/outcome, write-ups, presentations and the photographs of the workshop, please click here

6. Advanced Equipment for Subsurface Characterisation of Contaminated Sites

To view brochure of advanced equipment available at IIT Delhi. please click here

Coordinated by:

Geotechnical and Geoenvironment Group,
Civil Engineering Department, IIT Delhi,
Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016
email : nercsiitd@gmail.com