Day-1 (12th July 2018, Thursday)

Details Presentations

Session 1:

Welcome Dr. G. V. Ramana,
Professor, IIT Delhi
Initiatives of MoEF&CC on Contaminated Sites Mr. M. K. Gangeya,
Director, HSM Division, MoEFCC
NERCS and Capacity Building in Academic Institutions Dr. Manoj Datta,
Professor, IIT Delhi
Special Address
Inaugural Address

Dr. R. K. Garg,
Chairman, MoEF&CC Committee on Remediation
Vote of Thanks --

Session 2:

Mr. Aditya N. Singh, MoEF&CC Overview of CBIPMP Projects
Dr. D. Prasad, TSPCB Experiences of TSPCB in CBIPMP Projects
Mr. A. Ramchand and Mr. S.S.S. Murali, APPCB Experiences of APPCB in CBIPMP Projects
Mr. Q. Q. Hassan, WBPCB Experiences of WBPCB in CBIPMP Projects

Session 3:

Dr. Indumathi M. Nambi, IIT Madras Inland Petroleum Spills and Impacts on Soil, Air and Groundwater- A Compilation of Case Studies
Dr. J. K. Saha, IISS Bhopal Impact of Polluted Irrigation Water on Soil and Agricultural Produce Quality in Ratlam-Nagda Industrial Area
Dr. G. V. Ramana, IIT Delhi Obtaining Truly Representative Subsurface Samples: Shortcomings of Routine Investigations
Mr. B. Vinod Babu and Mr. G. Rambabu, CPCB Delhi Recent Experiences with Contaminated Sites in India
Dr. Sanjay Rana, PARSAN, Delhi Geophysical Techniques for Study of Contaminated Sites

Session 4A:

Dr. G. S. Kowtha and Mr. Vinoth Ramachandran, Stratus Env. Inc., USA Drilling Methods in India vs USA
Dr. G. L. Sivakumar Babu, IISc Bangalore Approach for Remediation of a Contaminated Lake next to Dump Site – A Case Study
Dr. Brijesh K. Yadav, IIT Roorkee Engineered Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil-Water Resources
Dr. Kalyan Adhikari, NIT Durgapur Assessment of Phenol Contamination of Groundwater from an Outfall of Cokeoven Effluent of a Steel Plant in Durgapur through Laboratory Experiment and Mathematical Modelling
Dr. M. K. R. Mudiam, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad Analytical Approaches to Monitor and Evaluate the Micropollutants in Environmental Samples Including Emerging Pollutants to Help Remediation Strategies

Session 4B:

Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, Innovation & Quality Solutions, Secundrabad Case study of Petroleum Contaminated Site in Michigan, USA
Dr. Ashim Kanti Dey, NIT Silchar Use of Electrical Resistivity Tomography for Prediction of Groundwater Contamination near a Non-Engineered Landfill Site
Mr. T. V. Nagaraju, SRKR Engg. College, Andhra Pradesh Environmental Impact of the Un-Engineered Aquaculture Ponds in the Delta Region of Andhra Pradesh
Dr. Sudha Goel, IIT Kharagpur From Rail to Bike Trail: Human Health Risk Assessment for a Contaminated Railroad Track
Dr. Supriya Pal, NIT Durgapur Assessment and Management of Contaminated Site: A Case Study in the State of West Bengal
Dr. Asif Qureshi, IIT Hyderabad Estimating Timescales of Recovery for a Site Contaminated with Mercury, and the Governing Parameters
Dr. T. Raychoudhury, IIT Patna Performance of In-Situ Synthesized FeS within the Porous Media for Arsenic Immobilization: Laboratory Scale 1-D Column Study
Dr. Anshuman Singh, NIT Patna Cleanup of Groundwater Contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds
Dr. Pramod Kumar, IIT Roorkee Case Study on Dredged Hazardous Waste Sediments
Dr. Arun Kumar, IIT Delhi Understanding Possibility of Contamination of Soil and Groundwater from Engineered Nano-materials
Mr. Subodh Kulkarni, Soil Tech Advanced techniques for Environmental Investigation, drilling and installing monitoring wells

Special Session: Round Table Discussion (Experts only), Venue: Jacaranda, India Habitat Centre
Discussion on ‘Steps for Establishing a Network of Experts & Resources (NERCS)’

Day-2 (13th July 2018, Friday)

Session 5:

Dr. N. Manickam, CSIRIITR, Lucknow Remediation Strategies for Chlorinated Pesticide Contaminated Waste Dump Sites and Eco-toxicological Risk Assessments for Site Restoration: A Case Study
Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti, CSIR-NEERI Setting-up of a Risk Based Remediation Goal at a Mercury Contaminated Site in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Dr. Manoj Datta, IIT Delhi Groundwater Contamination around a Landfill Site
Dr. Vikas Gingine, KLS GIT, Karnataka Electrokinetic Treatment (EKT) as a Remediation Technique to Soils Contaminated with Leachate
Dr. Umesh Mishra, NIT Silchar Impact of Surface Contaminants on the Quality of Ground-water: A Case Study of Agartala City
Dr. Pritam Sangwan, CFEES DRDO, Delhi Bioremediation of High Explosives Contaminated Sites in India --
Dr. P. Anbazhagan, IISc Bangalore Integrated Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigation for MSW
Dr. Vimal Kumar, CFARM Delhi Are the Fly Ash Dump Sites Contaminating?
Dr. K. Muthukkumaran, NIT Trichy Analysis of Heavy Metals in Urban Soils of Tuticorin
Dr. Ajay Kalamdhad, IIT Guwahati Effect of Solid Waste Dumpsites on North East India Wetlands/Rivers --
Dr. Kumar Venkatesh, MNNIT Allahabad Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Aspects on MSW Dumping in Allahabad City
Dr. Ramakrishna Bag, IIT Patna Radioactive Waste Management - Indian Scenario
Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra, IIT Guwahati Clay-Contaminant Interaction and Its Influence on Geoenvironment
Dr. Amit Kumar, NIT Jalandhar Decision Support Systems for Remediation of Contaminated Sites
Dr. Basavaraju Manu, NIT Surathkal Chemical and Bio Extraction of Iron from Laterite Soil: A Green, Economical and Efficient Catalyst During In-situ and Ex-situ Fenton’s Oxidative Degradation of Contaminants in Water and Soil
Er. Sandeep Garg, Eco Labs & Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mohali Large Scale Reclamation and Recycling of Foundry Waste/Sand through Latest State of Art Technology In and Around Pune: Creating Wealth From Waste
Dr. Raj Mohan Singh, MNNIT Allahabad Identification of Unknown Subsurface Contaminated Sites for Known Pollution Scenarios

Session 6:

Mr. Prafulla Chandra Rauta, SPCB Orissa Recent Experiences in Investigation of Contaminated Sites in Odisha
Dr. R. C. Vaishya, MNNIT Allahabad Assessment of Groundwater Quality around Landfill Site in Allahabad
Mr. R. K. Singh UPPCB Recent Experiences of UPPCB --
Dr. Suresh A. Kartha, IIT Guwahati Experimental and Mathematical Investigations of Hydraulic and Species Transport Properties of Refuse Soil from Boragaon Waste Landfill in Guwahati
Dr. L. Vijay Anand, IIT Ropar A Highlight on Flask to Field Mismatch of Contaminant Transport Process Parameters
Dr. Harshit Mishra, IIT Kanpur Assessment and Management of Human Health Risk Associated with Landfill Sites, Particularly from Heavy Metals Contamination
Mr. Durvijay S Jatav and Mr. Harshvardhan Thakkar, MPPCB Recent Experiences of MPPCB
Mr. M. Sridhar and Mr. M. N. Yogananda, KSPCB Recent Experiences of KSPCB --
Dr. Seetha N., IIT Hyderabad Multi-Scale Modeling of Colloid Transport in Porous Media
Dr. Rabi Narayan Behera, NIT Rourkela Laboratory Study on Chemical Compatibility of a Fly Ash-Bentonite Based Hydraulic Barrier
Dr. C.N.V.S. Reddy, CoE, Andhra University Issues in Piling Work at Sulphate Contaminated Site at HPCL, Visakhapatnam
Dr. Bajrang Singh, ENV DAS India Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow Restoration of Degraded Land in Productive Ecosystem in India

Session 7: Proposed Equipment to be procured under project funded by MoEF&CC

Dr. G. V. Ramana and Dr. B. J. Ramaiah State-of-the-Art Equipment for Subsurface Investigations --

Session 8: Panel Discussion

Discussion on ‘Areas Requiring Strengthening’ and ‘Forming a Core Group for NERCS’